Los Pepenadores/ The Scavengers/ Sopsamlarna

“He groped with his hand in the by now warm ice water. It had already become late afternoon and nowhere was it possible to escape the pressuring heat that had made demands on this day. “Here you are”, he said and slipped a lukewarm Pepsi into my hand. There we were, sitting on two crates of pop in the scorching sun and fumbling with small talk. The last garbage trucks from the city’s wealthier areas had just been around for the last time. He was only going to feed the pigs before it was time to head on homewards. This was my first encounter with Don Chaquetin”.

he book and touring exhibition Los Pepenadores was released at the opening exhibition at Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares in Mexico City in 2003. The book includes photos from a five year long photographic work at the Milpillas garbage dump outside Cuernavaca, Mexico.